Thursday, August 21, 2014

Open house

Well, we're one step closer. We went to open house tonight to meet Biscuit's kindergarten teacher.

When Biscuit went back in June for his assessment, a really nice teacher took him into a classroom in the library to find out where he is academically.

As they walked in, Biscuit said, "Do you realize that this entire room is full of books?!"

"Yes," she said.

"It looks just like a library," Biscuit said. "Can I read them all?"

"Yes," the teacher said. "You can check them out just like books at the regular library."

He was impressed.

After his assessment was over, she brought him back out and said to me, "I'm keeping him!"

I smiled at her as Biscuit started to tell me about all the books he saw.

Well, she DID keep him. That nice lady will be Biscuit's kindergarten teacher. We met her and the teacher's assistant this evening.

I told Biscuit that when we walked in, I wanted him to go introduce himself. And he did. I was proud of him. He talked for a minute then saw a table full of blocks. And off he went to play with the other kids.

We talked with the teacher for a bit about Biscuit's desire to learn to read (he's been asking me to teach him for a year and a half!), his stutter and his nasty little habit of following the crowd ... right into trouble!

Once Biscuit looked around the classroom, he saw some familiar things.

"Um, excuse me," he said to his teacher. "We have this same carpet at my old day care. I call it my old day care because when I come here to big school, I won't go to day care anymore."

He has a cubbyhole for his school supplies and a tiny little chair that fits under a tiny little table. His spot is labeled with his name. There's a label for Bryce next to him. And I told Jeff and the teacher's aide that if that ends up being the Bryce from Biscuit's day care, I'm guessing either Bryce or Biscuit will be sitting at a different table very soon!

Here's Biscuit at his spot at the table:

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