Saturday, August 23, 2014

Getting ready

I have failed miserably at getting mine and Biscuit's schedules adjusted for school to start.

The plan is that I drive him to school, drop him off, then head straight in to work. That way, I can leave earlier than I usually do and pick up Biscuit without him having to spend 10 hours away from home! And my boss doesn't care WHEN I work, just THAT I work. And I'll still be able to bring home anything I don't finish at the office - a sad but true part of the job I have now.

My original plan was that I would put Biscuit in bed early each night this week and get him up early every morning. And that in turn would make me get up early and go to bed early, too.

But alas, the best laid plans ...

Part of the problem was good. Jeff's parents made an unexpected visit. They came Monday after spending a few days with Jeff's brother (about an hour and a half away from us). Then they left Thursday morning. We've been spoiled by long visits from them, so we didn't know how to handle having limited time, especially with Jeff and me both having to work late while they were here.

So I decided that Biscuit and I would DEFINITELY get in bed early Thursday.

Well, he had his open house at school, then we went out to dinner. By the time we got home, he was still wired with excitement and didn't go to sleep until about regular time.

Then last night, I had to work really late because I'm taking next week off (well, most of next week ... I'll still have to do some parts of my job). So Biscuit and Jeff were on their own, and the early bedtime just didn't happen.

My last chance was tonight. I filled out some more paperwork for school, took care of some couponing stuff and did some stuff around the house.

About 9:15, Jeff said, "Did you want me to give that boy a bath?"

"Holy Moses!" I said. "He was supposed to be in bed half an hour ago!"

So for one last ditch effort, I'm going to get Biscuit and me up early tomorrow morning and go out for breakfast. That will get us up and moving, and hopefully by the time his new, earlier bedtime comes, he'll be ready to go to sleep.

Keep your fingers crossed!

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