Sunday, August 3, 2014

Back home

We made it back home this evening ... safe and sound ... and tired and cranky ... and dreading going to work and day care tomorrow.

But we had a really good time. We caught up with some relatives, and took in some sightseeing. Details and pictures to come, but after unpacking and getting Biscuit bathed and in the bed, I'm ready to head to my own bed.

And after sleeping for three nights in a bed that wasn't mine. And one that is two sizes smaller than my own, it'll be nice to stretch out in my king size!

(But just in case Granny knows I'm writing this, "Thanks for letting Jeff and me have your bed for the weekend, Granny!")

We started our trip Thursday by heading to my parents' house to pick up Mama. My Daddy is just not the sight-seeing type, well, unless it involves music. So we left him at home to piddle in his shop and work in the yard. (Note: We got back to their house this evening to drop off Mama, and Daddy said he got so bored, he actually washed his lawnmower!)

Anyway, we got Mama and started on our way to my uncle's house. My parents live about 20 minutes from the nearest town, and as we were driving through, it was getting close to lunchtime. I was wondering where we could stop, and then I looked up and saw the hamburger joint my Daddy and I went to on the day I got my driving permit. And it happened to be on my 15th birthday.

This place has been there forever. They have hamburgers, hot dogs and other sandwiches. Fries, onion rings and bags of Lance chips. Their sweet tea is incredibly sweet. And their soft drinks come in cans with a plastic cup of crushed ice. And the inside looks exactly the way it did on my 15th birthday!

So we stopped to eat, and in addition to reminiscing over good times, we got a good lunch for a reasonable price and were soon back on the road with full bellies.

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