Thursday, June 19, 2014

The silence is broken

I've never gone this long without posting, but I figured if Biscuit was taking a break, I would take one, too.

We're driving halfway to my parents' house tomorrow evening after work to pick up our boy. I've never been away from him this long.

And since Biscuit got here, our house has never been this quiet.

Of course, Jeff and I haven't spent that much time at home.

We left Biscuit at his grandparents' on Monday. On Tuesday, Jeff left to go cover the U.S. Open golf tournament. And he was gone until the following Sunday night.

So I spent six days completely alone. Well, once I got home, anyway.

It was very weird because I lived alone for several years and slept like a baby. But I'm so used to Biscuit and Jeff being here, that I had trouble falling asleep every single night they were gone.

On the plus side, I saw four movies and went to two new restaurants. Grownup movies. And grownup restaurants.

Jeff and I tried a new place tonight, then sat on one of the benches beside this fountain. It was nice. It was quiet. And all I could do was imagine Biscuit running circles around this fountain like he did last summer.

I've talked to Biscuit at least once, sometimes twice a day since he's been gone. He tells me about the great things he's been doing. He's split time between my parents' house and my brother's house. And everything they have is way cooler than anything we have! At least to hear him talk about it.

Biscuit doesn't talk very long on the phone before he says, "Well ... I love you ... bye." And he goes back to his very important playing.

I called Mama this morning to check in, and when she put Biscuit on the phone, he was so excited.

"Mom, Mom, guess what? I did some AMAZING things yesterday," Biscuit said. "Do you want to hear about them?"

"Definitely," I said. "What did you do?"

"Well, yesterday, I drove Grandmama's car. And then I helped Papa take out the trash. And THEN ... I touched a real-live catfish. Can you believe it, Mom?"

"That is SO cool," I said.

I'm sure I'll be hearing lots more stories over the next week or so.

I did get a few pictures along the way.

I'm not sure why they both had their eyes closed, but there was a
full moon out, and they had to drive out into the dark field to check it out.

From what I've heard, Biscuit spent a
lot of time in his cousins' tree house.

And I heard all about the cool tricks he could do on the trampoline.

Clearly, this child does not share my fear of water!

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