Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lunch swap

Biscuit had a field trip today at day care. They were going to one of the local parks. And for some reason, they had to wear blue, green or yellow polo-style shirts. Not sure about that.

Jeff signed the permission slip the other day but didn't see the notice above the list that said the kids needed to bring bag lunches.

So of course Biscuit gets there with his blue shirt on and no lunch.

Jeff called just as I was leaving the house to tell me what was going on. And of course, there wasn't a crumb of bread in the house.

So after a trip to the grocery store, we threw together a lunch of PB&J, goldfish, fruit snacks and a juice box. I threw it all in a blue lunch bag and wrote his name on it. Then I handed it to Jeff so he could take it to day care.

Biscuit's day care, as well as most day cares and schools these days, are nut-free, and as bad as I feel for the kids with allergies, it annoys me to no end that my kid has to leave his favorite meal at home because of another kid's allergies. That might make me sound mean, but it's just flat-out annoying.

Anyway, the kids got to the park and were ready for lunch. But as soon as they saw what Biscuit had, they took away his PB&J and gave him ham and cheese. And thankfully, he likes ham and cheese.

I honestly never thought about it. When Biscuit eats sandwiches, PB&J is always his first choice. So out of habit, that's exactly what I made. Now that I think about it, we don't have any ham and cheese, either!

Biscuit and I have already been talking about his lunch options when he starts kindergarten. One or all of us is going to be out of town every weekend in June, so I told him when July comes, and things calm down, we'll try some different things and see what he'd like to take. Plus, it has to fit in a lunchbox.

So we'll get all the food stuff sorted out before kindergarten rolls around, but I'm still annoyed about the situation today.

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