Sunday, June 8, 2014

Boyless, aka without the boy

Jeff and I are driving on the interstate, and our car is awfully quiet. And the backseat is awfully empty. 

That's because we left our boy at Grandmama's house. 

And he'll be there for 10 1/2 whole days!

We went for my niece's birthday, which turned out really well. Then we spent the rest of the weekend at my parents' house.

We had a big traditional Sunday dinner with fried chicken and all our other home-cooked favorites. Then we packed up our stuff to come home.

Well, we packed up mine and Jeff's stuff to come home.

Biscuit will be swapping off the next week and a half between my parents' house and my brother and sister-in-law's house. And Biscuit and his cousins are very excited.

When it came time for Jeff and me to leave, Biscuit came into the kitchen (where Jeff and I were packing up leftovers), and said, "Guys, have a safe trip home. Mom, you enjoy going to the movies, and Dad, you have fun at the golf course."

Just like that, Biscuit was wishing us on our way.

When I told Biscuit that he was going to his grandparents' house for a while, he asked me what Jeff and I would do while he was gone.

"I'm going to the movies!" I told him.

I love going to the movies, and I hardly ever get to go anymore. And luckily, there are several out that I'd like to see right now.

And Jeff will be covering the U.S. Open from Monday through Sunday.

It's funny because even though I know that I left him behind, I've still caught myself thinking about getting his clothes ready for the morning. And I laughed out loud a few minutes ago and worried that I might wake him up.

It's weird and quiet with Biscuit around, but I know he'll have a great time.

I was joking with him over the weekend. "I want you to cry for me every day. (While pretend crying) I want my Mama. Boo hoo hoo hoo."

"Mom, I'm not going to cry every day," Biscuit said. "I'll wait until the 10th day, and then I'll cry, okay?"

"Ooookay," I said.

"And don't grow while you're here, either, okay?" I said.

"But Mom, I can't help it," Biscuit said. "When you're a little boy, you HAVE to grow up to be a big boy. That's just what happens."

"Well, then, don't have any fun, okay?" I said to him.

"Moooom," Biscuit said. And then he paused. "What if I have fun, but I just don't tell you about it?"

"Okay," I said. "I guess that'll be okay."

And of course, I don't want Biscuit to cry. And I do want him to grow and have fun. And I know he will do these things, simply because he is 100% sure that we're coming back for him.

I truly think that's what makes him so independent. He knows we'll be there for him when he needs us.

So I wonder who will handle the separation better ... me or Biscuit?!

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