Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Biscuit at the park

Yesterday and today were pretty tough days, and the rest of the week will probably follow suit. I'm filling in for my boss, whose on vacation. And I'm supposed to have someone filling in for me (don't even ask me about the crazy switcheroo of that situation!), but we've had some breaking stories, and I've ended up doing her stuff and mine, too.

That also means I haven't spent a lot of time with Biscuit so far this week. He and I did play about eight games of Junior Yahtzee this evening after dinner. I beat him more times than he beat me. He didn't like that, but boy, I did!

But that's about all I have to report, so instead of telling a story, I'll share some pictures I took at the park this past Saturday.

Biscuit was very proud of his accomplishments
on the monkeybars. He made it to No. 3
before he had to drop. "Mom, next time, I'm
going to make it even farther," Biscuit said.

He can also do the fireman's pole by himself.
Although I had to scold him because he wasn't sliding all
the way down. He was dropping most of the way. Our
insurance isn't good enough for him to break a leg!

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