Friday, June 6, 2014

Still growing

It seems like Biscuit stays the same size for the longest time, then all of a sudden, he'll shoot up an inch or so.

The car seat in my car has several settings. It started out facing backwards for when he was wee tiny. Then we turned it around, and Biscuit was so excited to be able to see where we were going.

The next step was to take the harness off and use it with a seatbelt while it was still on the base. And that's what I just did ... last week!

My boss was on vacation this week so I've been doing my stuff and hers. That meant Jeff did more dropping off and picking up this week. So Biscuit hasn't been in the car seat in my car.

We're on the way to Mama's for my niece's birthday. When we got the car packed and told Biscuit to get in, I realized quickly that we couldn't leave until we took his car seat to its final level. 

We took off the base, and now Biscuit just looks grown!

Jeff doesn't usually give in when Biscuit asks for gadgets he's seen on TV, but he did this week. Biscuit is the proud owner of a Seat Pet he named Patch.

Patch wraps around the seatbelt to make it more comfy. He also acts as a support if Biscuit falls asleep.

A new car seat setting and a new gadget, Biscuit is just having a banner week!

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