Saturday, July 23, 2011

Out of the mouth of my babe

A few funny things Biscuit is saying these days:

Mr. Negativity: When something doesn't sit well with Biscuit, he frowns, purses his lips and says, "That not be fine, Mom."

Last week, we were on the way home from day care, and Biscuit asked for chocolate milk. I told him we didn't have any, but that next time he and his dad went out for dinner, he could get some. Apparently, that answer was unsatisfactory. "That not be fine, Mom. I want chocolate milk now." Anyone want to lay odds about whether the boy got chocolate milk or not?!? Mama ain't a pushover!

Loud noises: Biscuit is learning about volume control and what's appropriate in different situations. I didn't even realize I was doing it, but when I would tell him he was being too loud, I would say, "You're being too loud in the store," or "You're being too loud in the office." I guess he picked up on me adding the place at the end, so now, when I call him down, he'll say,
"I'm too loud in the restaurant, Mom?" or "I'm too loud in the store, Mom?"

Gotta wear shades: Biscuit doesn't like bright sunlight. We have a pair of sunglasses for him in each of our cars. I try to remember to put them on him before we leave, but sometimes I forget, and he doesn't remind me until we're on the way to wherever we're going. And once we're in motion, I can't reach him or his sunglasses. On the way home yesterday evening, Biscuit said, "Mom, I need to go to my house. The bright can't come in the house." He wanted to be inside so the sun wouldn't shine in his eyes. That bright can be rough sometimes.

Words: I think it's funny to try to figure out which words Biscuit will pick up on from Jeff and me. We have all kinds of differences in how we talk, so it's really funny to hear some of each of us in a sentence.

A few of his latest include ...
  • Toss instead of throw: Biscuit tosses his toys into the bucket. He tosses the ball into the net. That one came from Jeff.
  • Tissue: I think this one actually came from day care, but Biscuit doesn't wipe his nose on a Kleenex. He uses a tissue. Technically, he's right. Tissue is the generic word. But it just sounds funny to me, since I've spent my whole life saying "Kleenex," no matter what namebrand I'm using.
  • Fireflies: This one just has to be fixed. Our sweet baby boy walks around pointing out fireflies. No, no, no, baby. They're lightning bugs. This one is non-negotiable!

Rhyming: We found out on the way home tonight that Biscuit doesn't quite understand rhyming words. I mad some comment about something Jeff had done, and I said, "Bad, dad." So I told Biscuit that "bad" and "dad" are rhyming words.

"What about 'mom' and 'bad,' do they rhyme?" I asked him.

"No, Mom. Those not rhyme."

"Can you tell me some rhyming words?" I asked him.

"Yeah. 'Bad' and 'horse.' Those rhyme words, Mom," he said.

We'll keep working on it.

Story time: Biscuit loves stories. He loves for us to read books to him. He loves for us to make up stories. And he loves for us to tell him stories about when we were little. He's recently started telling us stories.

"Listen to a story," he told us tonight on the way home. "Once upon a time, there was a horse and a bear. The bear, he roar the horse, and the horse run. And the bear chase the horse. And the horse run. And the bear roar the horse. And the horse hide. The End."

Then he told us another one ... "Once upon a time were two farmers and a bear. The bear, he roar the farmers. And the farmers run."

Are you sensing a theme here? There's always a bear, there's always chasing, and there's usually hiding. It also tickles me how he uses "roar." Instead of saying "the bear roared AT the horse," he just says "the bear roared the horse."

But his stories are starting to get a lot more details and plot points. I can't wait to see what he comes up with next.

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