Friday, July 29, 2011

Letters from home

A friend of mine took as job as a chaplain at a summer camp for the month of July. I went to summer camp every year from the third grade through my senior year, and I have some wonderful memories. So I thought it would be fun to share some of those memories with my friend through letters. Mail call was always a favorite time of the day for me at camp because Mama always made sure I had mail coming.

My friend had to leave her husband, pets an
d the rest of us for the whole month of July, so I told Biscuit that we were going to work on a project for her. I took some scrap paper and drew letters to spell out a message to her. Then, with Jeff's help, we put Biscuit in the swing in the backyard and took pictures of him holding each letter sign.

I started each letter with the date, her name and this: "How are you? I am fine. Here's the next lett
er in your message."

I love getting hand-written notes from
people, but one thing I love about typing letters on the computer is that I can inset photos. So in each letter I wrote, I included one of the Biscuit photos I took, then, amazingly enough, I was able to find some photos online of two of the summer camps I went to as a kid. One of those camps doesn't even exist anymore, yet I did one simple Google search and found a woman who had created a website for people to share their memories of summers spent at the camp.

I hope my friend enjoyed her letters. Oh, and I'll blame her for my infrequent posting lately. It takes a long time to put all those memories into words!

Anyway, my friend should get the last of the letters this week. The last letter included a collage of her name.

Here's a sample of what we did (with a couple of extra photos throw in for good measure):

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