Friday, July 29, 2011


Back in May, I put the first two years of this blog in a book. I thought it would be a nice keepsake for Biscuit's grandmothers and other members of the family.

I couldn't buy copies for everybody, so on the website where the book was published (, I put the status of the book as public, so anyone who wanted a copy could buy it. It's $6.20 + shipping. Not too bad, I think.

But imagine my surprise when I learned that someone was asking $130.05 for the book!

Jeff's aunt saw a copy of the book at his parents' house. Her daughter decided to order a copy for her, and she just assumed that, like everything else, the book could be had at Amazon. Somehow or another, the book is listed on Amazon with me as the author. It says it's sold through a broker I've never even heard of for ONE HUNDRED THIRTY DOLLARS AND FIVE CENTS!!!

I tell you what, if anybody wants a copy of the book, go to Lulu and spend less than 10 bucks. Then subtract that from $130.05 and send me the difference. I'll put the money in a college fund for Biscuit ... or maybe just buy a pair of cute shoes!

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Romy Mc said...

Wow! You should get an agent.