Saturday, March 19, 2016

One thing after another

Before we could even get used to Jeff being home, Biscuit came down with the flu.

He woke up Tuesday morning with a high fever, and just had no energy at all. I sent a note to school saying he wouldn't be there.

Biscuit just wasn't acting like himself at all, so we made an appointment with his pediatrician.

I think the nurse and pediatrician knew right away that Biscuit was sick because he wasn't his usual chatty self. Biscuit was wearing a Barracuda T-shirt, and the doctor asked him if he liked old cars. Normally, this would set off a whole conversation about Jeff's Barracuda, and my former Mustangs and cars shows and all kinds of car topics. 

But Biscuit said, "I like Dad's Barracuda." And that was it.

The doctor was taking notes, and he asked Biscuit about his name.

"Now, is your name 'en' or 'in'?" he asked.

It took Biscuit a minute to figure out what he was asking.

"It's G-r-i-f-f-i-n," he said.

"Isn't there an animal called a griffin?" the doctor asked.

And then just a quick moment of our normal Biscuit kicked in.

"Actually, a griffin is a mythological creature," Biscuit said.

There was a med student in the room with the doctor, and the doctor looked over at the student and said quietly, "Mythological, he says."

They ran some swab tests (nose and throat) and determined that Biscuit had the flu. The doctor said he would happily write a prescription for the popular flu drug, but he said it would be $150, and a lot of insurance companies won't pay for it.

So we decided that we would hold off and just try to ease Biscuit's symptoms as much as we could.

Jeff went on to work, and I stayed at home with Biscuit. And then the belly woes hit him. He went into the bathroom and threw up. I ran in there to make sure he was okay, and he looked up at me and said, "That's better!"

I wanted to laugh at the way he said it, but you know, when you're just feeling so bad, sometimes throwing up DOES make you feel better.

So Biscuit had fever, headache, sore throat, body aches and belly issues. He was a sick little boy. The doctor said the kids who didn't get their flu shots were faring even worse, so I was glad Biscuit got his vaccination.

He was out of school Tuesday through Friday, and by the time Wednesday rolled around, he was stir-crazy.

I was trying to think of some way to get him out of the house without him having to walk a lot. He just had no energy at all. So Jeff carried him to the car in his pajamas, and we drove over to a drive-in hamburger restaurant for dinner. Biscuit was very excited about being barefoot and in his jammies and eating in the car.

Thursday night was Biscuit's first baseball practice of the season. And of course he was in no shape to play. I hated for him not to meet the other kids, so I told him we could go to practice if he promised to sit on the bench with me.

Jeff had told the coach he could help out with practices and games, and Biscuit didn't like it at all that his dad was on the field with the other kids, and he couldn't go out there himself.

After a while, Jeff came over toward us and stood on the edge of the field. Biscuit made his way over there and stood with him.

"Don't even THINK about running out there," I told Biscuit, and he just grinned at me.

Today was the first day since the beginning of the week that he's actually acted like himself. This might change at some point for him, but he really loves school and was actually mad that he had to miss some days. So we're hoping by Monday morning, he'll be back in full health and ready to head back to school. 

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