Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Superior Biscuit

Biscuit had a piano competition this weekend. This was his second year doing it, but he was way more nervous this time.

Last year, Biscuit didn't know what to expect. And we didn't talk about it much before the whole thing happened. 

This year, Biscuit's teacher started talking about it before Christmas.

He's been doing just fine playing the song. And we practiced what he would do at the competition.

He would go into a room where it would be just him and a judge. The competition was in the music building on the campus of a local college, and the rooms are almost sound proof. So we couldn't hear what was going on in there. It's really hard to wait outside not knowing how it's going.

Biscuit had to walk into the room and introduce himself. Then he was to ask if he could have a warm-up (although Biscuit said that before he could ask, his judge suggested it). He had to play the song by heart while the judge followed along in his music book. We had to number the measures so she could make notes about certain parts of the song, such as "Very smooth at Measure 14." 

Across the street from the college is a long-standing hot dog and ice cream diner. I assured Biscuit that no matter what his score was, we would definitely be heading across the road for lunch and dessert.

And I had to laugh when his piano teacher asked him how he was feeling about the upcoming competition, and Biscuit repeated my promise of hot dogs and ice cream. His teacher reached in his pocket and handed Biscuit $2 for his ice cream.

Biscuit's appointment was at 10:30. We arrived about 10, and got checked in. Biscuit's teacher was actually at the table where we registered. They were running a little behind, and I didn't want Biscuit to get antsy, so I handed him my phone so he could play some games.

Biscuit's time finally arrived, and it seemed like he was in there for just a moment. He came out, and we asked him how he did.

"I made a little mistake, but I think the rest of it was really good," Biscuit said.

And he was right. The judge stepped out with Biscuit's score, and he earned a Superior. That's the highest score he could've gotten.

And since this was his second year earning a Superior, he was also eligible for a trophy in addition to his certificate.

He looked like such a little man with his shirt tucked in and belt on. But that didn't stop him from running and climbing and striking funny poses, just as soon as we hit the door!

And then the promised hot dogs.

Jeff and I both told Biscuit that we were really happy with his score. But we also told him that we were most happy with him being brave enough to do it. He worked really hard, and it paid off.

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