Sunday, March 27, 2016

An afternoon at the park

This week is spring break at Biscuit's school, so he's spending the week with his grandparents. It's strange not having him here for Easter, but he's having a great time.

He got to go to the Easter egg hunt at my parents' church, and he'll spend today with his cousins.

So since he's not here to say something funny or do something cool for me to write about, I'll tell you about an afternoon at the park a couple of weeks ago.

After Biscuit's piano competition (the first one), we went out for lunch, then we were going to meet a friend of mine at our local historical museum for an event (more on that later).

We ended up having about an hour to waste before my friend arrived, so we walked up the block to a city park.

It's nice to have a park downtown. Sometimes we go up and have lunch there.
And in the summer, there's a free music series from noon-1:30 every Wednesday.

Why walk on a perfectly good sidewalk when you can balance on the border?!

Walking into the park from the back entrance.

Sitting on a bench, shooting straight up into the pretty blue sky.

There are several paths around the park, and in the
warmer seasons, there are some really cool fountains there.

The singers perform in the little stage area on the left.

I found a nice bench in the sunshine, but somebody had to go wandering.

Can you see me in his sunglasses lens?

I'm not sure what this pose was about. Maybe he was getting ready to run.

This cat lives at the park. And guess what his name is? Parker.

Biscuit and Parker.
It was a little cooler that day, so there weren't many people out in the park. But we did see a couple having engagement photos shot. She was wearing a sleeveless shirt. She would wrap up quickly between shooting locations.

It was nice and rare chance to hang out with nothing to do except watch Biscuit run around and play.

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