Sunday, February 28, 2016

Out of the mouth of my babe

A few things Biscuit has said recently:

Tablet training: Biscuit got a tablet for Christmas. It has fun games, educational games, music and more. He's done pretty well with not being on it all the time, but we do have to remind him sometimes that homework, piano, reading and chores come first.

He almost always remembers to charge it each night, and he has a cloth to clean the screen. But sometimes his common sense doesn't kick in - like when he was watching a cartoon on it while eating a snack and having some water.

"If that water gets on it, that's the end of it," I said.

"Oh yeah," Biscuit said and put it down until he finished his snack.

Or one time when he was eating a piece of chocolate.

"Don't play the tablet with chocolate fingers," I told him. "You need to make sure your hands are clean before you use it."

"Okay," Biscuit said. "Thanks for the info."

I almost expected him to salute and say 10-4!

Bad news: Biscuit was upstairs playing a video game. He and Jeff usually play it together, but Jeff was busy downstairs.

"Dad!" Biscuit yelled. "I'm gonna need some help up here."

"What's going on?" Jeff asked.

"Well, there are some new guys, and they have weapons," Biscuit said. "And their weapons are just dreadful!"

You're dismissed: I went to pick up Biscuit from school the other day, and when I walked into the multi-purpose room (cafeteria, auditorium and gym combined), I noticed that his after-school group leader wasn't there.

"Where's your group leader?" I asked him.

Apparently, he didn't feel like answering questions. He ignored me.

"Hey!" I said. "I just asked you a question."

Biscuit threw his hand out to the side and said, "Errands ... sick ... I don't know. Of course, some girls like to go shopping."

I wasn't sure what to address first, his attitude or his chauvinism!

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