Thursday, February 11, 2016

Out of the mouth of my babe

A few things Biscuit has said recently: 

Fun Friday: Biscuit is a good sleeper, and it's rare that he will complain about having to go to bed. He's very practical-minded about it.

"I know I have to have a bedtime because I need good rest so I can play well the next day," Biscuit has told me.

But one recent night, I looked up at the clock and had a start. It was 9:30, and Biscuit's bedtime is 8:30. 

"Hey! You've got to get in bed!" I said to Biscuit.

"Mom," Biscuit said. "I can go to bed at any point. You know, it's Fun Friday."

And I assure you that we've never used the term "Fun Friday" before. Don't you wonder where they come up with these things?!

Winter wonderland: When the snow started here last week, Biscuit wanted to call his Grandmama to tell her. We live about 130 miles north of my parents, so our weather is always just a little bit different than theirs.

Mama answered the phone and Biscuit said, "You'll never guess what's going on outside my house. ... SNOW!"

I could hear Mama talking loudly, making a fuss, but I couldn't tell exactly what she was saying. Then Biscuit replied in a sweet little voice.

"It's just a wonder, Grandmama," Biscuit said. "This whole January, we've never had any snow! It's just a wonder!" 

Solid reasoning: Biscuit was playing upstairs this evening and sneezed. 

Jeff and I said "bless you" at the same time.

And Biscuit replied, "Well, it is allergy season."

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