Friday, February 5, 2016

Olympic trial and error

Biscuit saw Olympic athletes compete tonight, and you'll never guess what sport it was.

Table tennis! 

Yep, we went to our local sports arena and watched a Ping Pong competition this evening.

Jeff has been covering the event all week because it's the Olympic trials. This event will pick the U.S. table tennis team. Then they go to one more competition (North American qualifying) to decide who actually goes to the Olympics.

Biscuit and I don't know too much about the sport or the athletes, but I was amazed at how fast we got sucked in. The girl in blue was our pick. I'm not sure why, but she just grabbed our attention early on. We must know more than we thought because our blue girl won!

It was crazy to me that they started out hitting the ball back and forth slow and low enough to barely clear the net. Then as they got to going, they stepped farther and farther away from the table. We found out that those balls can fly back and forth up to 60-something miles per hour.

After the women, we watched a men's match. Well, if you can call 14-year-old boys men.

I picked my guy early on (because he was wearing a red shirt, and red is my favorite color). And Biscuit picked the same guy. But then the guy in the gold shirt scored two points, and Biscuit decided he wanted to change his pick.

"You can't be a fair-weather fan," I told Biscuit.

"What does that mean?" Biscuit asked.

"That means that you can stop cheering for the guy in the red shirt just because the other guy scored," I told him. "When you pick who you're going to cheer for, you have to stick with him."

He didn't like the idea of that.

"Well, maybe I'll just watch and not cheer for them," Biscuit said.

Man! You try to teach a lesson in good sportsmanship, and it blows up in your face!

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