Sunday, February 7, 2016

It says so right on the box

Biscuit got several board games for Christmas, and of course they're still stacked up on the dining room table.

It seems like it takes forever to get all the Christmas decorations down, not to mention finding homes for all the presents. Case in point, Santa brought Biscuit a set of golf clubs in a stand bag, and they're still just sitting right in front of the fireplace.

When I'm shopping for Christmas, I never stop to think about where the new things will go. And clearly Santa doesn't think that way, either!

Anyway, Biscuit was having lunch at the dining room table, right beside his stack of board games.

"Mom!" Biscuit said, sounding really excited. "I'm not sure how Santa did this, but we got the very first game EVER of Connect 4."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"It says right here on the box, 'The ORIGINAL Game of Connect 4.' How cool is that?!" Biscuit said.

"That is VERY cool," I said.

And he's right, it does say so right on the box.

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