Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Vacation leftovers

Remember that song ... This is the song that never ends, it just goes on and on my friend ...

Well, these are the vacation posts that never end!

But this is the last one. I ended up with bunch of random photos, so I'll just explain what needs explaining in the photo captions.

As soon as we reached the water front at Lake George, Biscuit spotted
a fire boat and police boat. And of course has asked for pictures of both.

The water in the lake was cold, and I expected
Biscuit to hesitate. But he didn't. He walked right in.

As usual, Biscuit found a new friend right away. Jeff had changed into
his bathing suit so he could go in with Biscuit. But when he saw that
wouldn't be necessary, he found a not-so-cold spot at the top of the beach.

My little ham wanted to pose for me. He loved the camera when he was
really little. Then he started to shy away. And now he's back to loving it again.

Sometimes you see a sign and wonder,
"Shouldn't some things be common sense?"

I'm not sure who Thaddeus Kosciuszko is, but I really like his bridge.

This sign was in the bathroom at an outdoor restaurant
in a touristy area. I think their sign is pretty clear.

There were bears, and there was a camera.

In an effort to relive his childhood, Jeff took Biscuit to the same
gift shop, Gift World, and bought him the same thing he got
as a kid - a cedar treasure chest and a wooden rifle. Biscuit says
his is a Winchester because those are the rifles cowboys use.

I walked into this bathroom and thought I had turned into a
vampire! I couldn't see my reflection in the mirror! It took me a
good five or so seconds to realize there wasn't a mirror there.

After dinner with some family, we stopped by the Tastee Freez where
my in-laws went on dates. It was fun to have ice cream there all
these years later. Biscuit said, "Mom, I know I'm too big for these
kinds of things now, but could you just take my picture anyway?"
Griffin and Grandpa go for a ride in Grandpa's convertible. Grandpa
gave the keys to Jeff and me our last day up there. Biscuit stayed
with them, and Jeff drove me around to a bunch of his old haunts,
including his first paper. We stopped in and found people who
remembered him. They took us on a tour and showed
me some of the stories Jeff wrote while he was there.

Jeff tries to look mean on our convertible outing. 
Jeff engaged in the most New York conversation I've heard that afternoon. We wanted to mail a post card, so as we were cruising slowly down a city street, Jeff spotted a young man walking down the side walk. 

Jeff yelled out, "Post office?" 

The guy said, "U-turn, first left, on your right." 

"Thanks!" Jeff said. The guy waved. And that was it. 

I said to Jeff, "Do you have any idea how long that would've taken in the South?"

It would've gone something like this:

"Excuse me, can you tell me where the post office is?"

"Well sure. First you'll need to do a u-turn. You can do it in that funeral home parking lot right over there. We were just there last night for calling hours. Anyway, once you get turned around, drive down the block until you get to that white brick building. It used to be a furniture store, but once Old Man Smith passed, and his children didn't want to take over, they turned it into a secondhand store. So you take a left right there and go about half a block, and the post office will be on the right. Are you from around here? ..."


So that was our trip. It was a lot of fun, and we saw places from Jeff's childhood and past that were really nice to see. And it's always good to catch up with family. Biscuit finds it really odd that all these people know so much about him, and he's not quite as familiar with them.

But as he gets older, he'll get it. And I hope he finds family as important as I do.

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