Sunday, August 16, 2015

One more fort

We went to two forts on our trip. The second is called Fort Ticonderoga. Imagine how fun it was teaching Biscuit to say Ticonderoga.

And when I was buying school supplies last week, I found Ticonderoga pencils. Biscuit was SO excited.

This fort was a different than the other one. It was made of stones. The first one was made of wood. They both sit on pretty lakes, so the views from the top were great.

The view from the path leading to the fort.

The view of the lake from the top of the fort.

I think Biscuit liked the other fort better because of the whole army enlistment thing. But this one had music. And you know Biscuit and music.

There was a drum and fife band made up of high school and college age kids. Our guide explained that the music wasn't for entertainment. It was actually for instruction. There was a song they played when it was time to eat. A song for bedtime. A song for soldier's shift changes and more.

Here's an example:

The buildings inside the fort looked different from each other. Our guide explained that the original fort was torn down once it wasn't needed anymore, and when it was rebuilt, the information they had about the buildings wasn't as complete as it should've been. Now, with the Internet and in-depth research, they know exactly what the buildings were supposed to look like and what they would've been made of. So as the place was rebuilt, the place became more and more historically accurate.

This is the most historically accurate building in the fort.

There was a shoemaker (Not a cobbler I learned. Cobblers only repair shoes.), a blacksmith shop and other workers who would've kept the soldiers in clothes, shoes and food. There were also displays of era-specific weapons - swords, muskets, bayonets, powder horns and more.

One thing that was interesting to me was how decorative some of the weapons were. The powder horns had elaborate and personal carvings. The metal on many of the guns had etchings. And even the cannons had words, decorations and even faces on them.

Here are some other pictures from the fort:

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