Friday, August 28, 2015

Snuggle Biscuit

The Saturday before school started, Biscuit and I were home by ourselves. Jeff was still covering the golf tournament. 

Biscuit and I had been doing things around the house all morning - getting school supplies ready and picking out outfits for the first week of school.

I decided to take a break and sat down in my rocking chair in the living room. Biscuit grabbed a blanket and crawled up into my lap and fell asleep. Biscuit has always been a snuggly boy, but his snuggle time with me gotten less frequent in the past few months. So I was not about to disrupt our time together by telling him that we had more stuff to do.

Biscuit stayed that way for a long time. I dozed a little myself, but when I felt tingles in my arm and realized that it was going to sleep, I figured I better put him down.

Just as I shifted to get up, Biscuit opened his eyes and looked at me.

"Do you want to get on the couch so you can stretch out?" I asked him. 

He nodded, and I helped him take the three steps to the couch, put his head on a pillow and covered him with a blanket.

I was still sleepy myself, so I went into my bedroom to lie down on the bed. I turned on the TV, but I didn't watch very long until I fell asleep. It felt so indulgent to doze off, snuggled up in my bed in the middle of the afternoon.

It seemed like two minutes went by (really it was about eight minutes) before I heard, "Mom? I would like some water, but I can't reach a cup. Can you help me?"

There are few things I wanted to do less than get up and help him get water. But I'm required by law not to let him get dehydrated.

I climbed out of my cocoon and stumbled into the kitchen, feeling much bitterness!

Once I was awake, Biscuit and I got a few more things done. Then we spent the rest of the evening playing and watching TV. A nice, relaxing evening.

Just before I put Biscuit to bed, I decided to let him in on a secret.

"I know you're not a baby, but I really enjoyed you sleeping in my lap like you used to when you were a baby," I told Biscuit.

"Well, Mom," he said. "I liked it, too, I just didn't want to say it."

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