Saturday, May 9, 2015

We walked right into it!

Biscuit's school had an outdoor spring festival last Friday, and I had every intention of skipping it. It had been a busy week, and I couldn't think of anything I wanted to do less than fight the crowds to stand in line at four different bounce houses.

When I went to pick up Biscuit after school, I had to park in a different area of the parking lot because they were already setting up for the event. To get from my car to the room where Biscuit was, I had to walk right through the event area. I signed him out, and as we walked out of the building to get back to the car, the festival had started. Ugh! 

I thought it started at 6 p.m. Turns out, it started at 5. I was stuck!

There weren't many kids there, so Biscuit was able to do one of the bounce houses four times in a row. It was one of the obstacle course ones, and as soon as he would exit, he'd head right back in.

A local restaurant had donated all the food, so the school was getting to keep any money they made off of it. They had $1 hot dogs, $2 hamburgers, $3 chicken sandwiches and $1 chips, candy and drinks. We had some food stuff and headed back out to play. Well, ONE of us got to play. The other one got to hold the game prizes, leftover bottled water and jacket.

There were lots of games, a DJ who was playing fun dance songs, raffles, four bounce houses, one of which was a giant slide, a facepainting table and more.

I saw the facepainters and assumed we'd walk right past. It was three high school kids with their little makeup kits and their smartphones (they were using their phones to look up characters and animals as they painted). Plus, do you remember when Biscuit thought facepaint was permanent?

Just for the heck of it, I said, "Hey, do you want to get your face painted?"

"Yes, I do," Biscuit said. "I very well do." (Not sure where the "very well" part came from, but he's been using it a lot lately.)

We went over and waited in line for him to get a Spider-Man face. It wasn't the best facepainting I've seen, but it was fine.

As they were finishing up, it started to sprinkle rain. Jeff had finally arrived after work, and he had an umbrella in tow. He popped it up to protect the painter, Biscuit and me until the work was done. As soon as they were finished, we ran to shelter at the edge of the school. The DJ was under cover, so he kept playing fun music, including several songs about rain.

As we were waiting for the skies to clear, Biscuit's best friend from after-school care walked up with his mom. We hung out with them for a while, then when the rain stopped, our boys talked us into taking them back out to play.

They had moved all the games inside, but they had obviously left the bounce houses where they were. Despite the fact that they were wet, the kids were still enjoying them. And most of the kids were running around barefooted. It was kinda cool after the rain, but I gave in, of course, and Biscuit joined the brave, wet kids.

Biscuit and his friend get along really well. He and his dad met us at a park back in the fall, and Jeff and I spent a good bit of time talking to the dad, getting to know him. Well, on this evening, we got to spend time getting to know the mom.

She did share some bad news, though. The mom and dad work at the same company. They're from India and started working with the company when they still lived there. Then they got transferred to America. They've lived in, I think, four other states before coming here. So with all that moving around, they just decided to rent a house instead of buying. They had bought houses in the past two states and just didn't want to deal with the hassle until they were sure they would be here for a while.

Well, they got the sign that they would indeed be here for a while, but the house they bought is in a different school district. So Biscuit's best buddy will be moving.

We've assured both boys that we'll try to plan play dates and other get-togethers, and I really hope we can.

Meanwhile, here are some pictures of Biscuit in all his facepainted glory. (And it did wash off, by the way!)

I held his hair back with my hands while they
painted, and then his hair was sticking up.

On the way home, Biscuit took his own picture with my phone.
It was dark, and he didn't know how to turn on the flash.

How creepy is this one?!
Spider-Man Biscuit is coming after you!

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