Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Weekend of Biscuit

It seems like every time I get on a roll of writing consistently, something happens to throw a monkey wrench into my plans!

I was sick and missed a day of work the end of last week, then we had a jam-packed weekend. Griffin was sick today and missed school. Luckily, I can do most of my work from home.

The weekend was dubbed "The Weekend of Biscuit." 

Biscuit was supposed to have his first baseball game of the season Saturday morning. We rushed and got out to the ballpark, only to find that the fields were too wet to play. It was funny to me that the parents were saying things like, "The kids aren't going to care if it's a little wet." And Jeff let them in on the real reason, "I'm guessing they're more concerned about their fields getting messed up." I swear, sometimes I wonder how people function day to day when they're so focused on how everything affect them and theirs.

So we moped back home to hang out until Biscuit's afternoon playdate. It was his first playdate with a school friend. We had spent the afternoon with the boy and his dad at an area park. And I had met and talked with the mom at school.

I have these really cute (but completely obnoxious in that "mommy" way) calling cards that say, "Let's Get Together Sometime," and they have my name, my title (Griffin's mom), my phone number and email address. I almost talked myself out of them because I thought they were just a little too cutesy, but it's really nice to have my contact information on a card that actually says I'm Griffin's mom. I can't remember how many times I've met the mom's of Biscuit's friends, then I get home and can't remember their names. I can always remember the kids' names, though.

After we dropped off Biscuit, Jeff and I ran errands and we may or may not have stopped by the doughnut shop for a treat!

We picked up Biscuit 2 1/2 hours after we dropped him off, and he was mad about having to leave. I think that proves a successful outing.

Then Sunday afternoon, Biscuit had a birthday party. My little calling cards came in handy then, too. So I'm guessing Biscuit will be having some more playdates soon.

After the party, there was shoe shopping for Biscuit and a few more errands. Then home, dinner, bath, bed and starting a new week.

Monday went as usual, except Biscuit's piano lesson was cancelled last minute. His teacher had to take some unexpected training for his real job.

Then last night (or this morning) about 2:30 a.m., I felt a little pat-pat-pat on my arm. How come he never goes to Jeff's side of the bed?!

Biscuit put his cheek against my cheek, and I knew immediately that he had a fever. His temperature was 101.5, and I could tell by how he was moving that he was achy.

He said, "Mom, I don't know if you knew this, but fevers can cause different situations in your body."

"Oh, really?" I said.

"Yeah," Biscuit said. "Things like a foot ache or you feel hot or you just can't get comfortable."

He has quite an insight on things.

This week is Spirit Week at Biscuit's school. Monday was Tacky Day, and today was Twin Day. The kids were paired up with classmates and decided on outfits to wear. Sadly, Biscuit's twin was alone. Tomorrow is Favorite Book Character Day. Thursday is Decades Day. And Friday is Favorite Sports Team Day.

Here's Biscuit in his tacky outfit:

I picked out his pants and shirts. Biscuit picked
out his shoes. And not that you can see them,
but he wanted to wear mismatched socks. And it
was his idea to wear his shirt backwards, too. 

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