Saturday, March 7, 2015

Play ball!

Well that was quite a week!

Monday we had a parent-teacher conference with Biscuit's teacher (more on that later).

On Tuesday, Biscuit and I had to run a bunch of errands.

Wednesday was for catching up on homework and piano practice.

On Thursday, Jeff did a little freelance work at the basketball tournament, and I met with Biscuit's guided-reading teacher (more on this later).

Then Friday, we had movie night. And today, we had a meet-and-greet for Biscuit's baseball team.


Last year, Biscuit played for our city's rec league. It was an okay introduction to baseball, but our coach wasn't great. He taught Biscuit some good throwing mechanics, but that was pretty much it. The weren't any practices. The games counted as practice and games. And it was quite chaotic.

Then our coach completely skipped the last game. He sent out an email the day before the game saying he had a scheduling conflict. So we decided that we'd rather try for something a little more structured this year.

And cross your fingers! We hope we made the right decision for this year.

He's playing for a branch of the YMCA near us. And I'm sorry to say that as big of a Yankees fan as Jeff is, his son will be a Red Sox player this season.

I believe Jeff's response was, "I'll just hold my nose and get through it." 

I told Jeff that he needed to practice some with Biscuit this weekend. They haven't played much this winter, so I figured he needed to brush up.

It was funny to watch them because Biscuit remembers the exact mechanics of his throw.

"Mom, you just point your shoulder toward your target," he explained. "Then you take a step, form a T with your body and throw. That's all you have to do."

I'm glad he thinks it's easy and fun. And I hope he has a fun season this year.

Here are some pictures of Biscuit and Jeff practicing:

He's still a little afraid of the ball, but he's getting there.

Good catch, Biscuit!

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