Thursday, March 26, 2015

Decades Day

School Spirit Week continues, and today was Decades Day. The kids were supposed to pick an outfit from a decade. And see as Biscuit doesn't even understand years yet, it was up to Jeff and me to choose a decade.

About 9:45 last night, Jeff said, "Hey, tomorrow is Decades Day. What's he going to wear?"

I'll admit that it hadn't even crossed my mind!

"Well, the 50s would be easy, but I don't think he will let us slick back his hair," I said. "And he doesn't really have anything like the 60s or 70s."

"How 'bout the 80s?" Jeff asked.

"Well, he has a long-sleeved polo shirt. He could wear it with the color up," I said. "Then we could tie a sweater around his shoulders."

"He would have to wear khakis," Jeff said. "And he has those blue boat shoes with the red laces."

Add in some red wayfarer-type sunglasses (which Biscuit picked out for himself months ago), and he was a 1980s Preppie Guy, ready to go.

Here's Biscuit stylin' and profilin':

"Risky Biscuit" vs. "Risky Business"

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