Sunday, January 29, 2017

Summer camp

I signed Biscuit up for two weeks of summer camp last week. It's January! And I'm already having to plan his summer activities.

The city we live in isn't small, so if you want to get the good summer camps, you have to sign up early. But January?!

After his kindergarten year, he went to summer camp at the YMCA near our house. It was okay, but he didn't seem excited about going back.

At the end of the summer, he said, "Guys, do you think I could go to a different summer camp next year?"

"Why? I thought you liked camp this year," I said.

"I did," Biscuit said, "but I didn't learn a thing!"

So last year, we swapped it up.

I broke his weeks up so he wouldn't get bored. He spent two weeks at my parents' house (one in June and one in August). He spent four weeks at a camp that's held at a local park. They got to swim every day, and we added on a golf lesson for once a week. Then I got him two weeks of camp at the local children's museum (one called Spy Camp, and the other based on a book of chapter books he's been reading).

The two weeks I've already booked at the children's museum. He'll be doing Harry Potter camp and Lego Robotics camp. He seems really excited.

And we're planning to send him back to the camp at the park, too. He said he definitely wants to take more golf lessons. And of course, he'll be spending two weeks with my parents again, too.

I just can't get over the fact that his summer is pretty much planned out already!

And just as a side note ...

The park camp he went to has their pick-up and drop-off areas marked, and as I was dropping Biscuit off one morning, he saw this sign near the door.

Biscuit said, "Mom! I didn't know I was going to Camp Drop Off!"

"Dude!" I said. "That sounds just as corny as something Grandpa would've said."

And Biscuit laughed and laughed at himself.

"You know what?" I asked him. "Your Grandpa may have left this earth, but his sense of humor flew straight into you."

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