Sunday, January 17, 2016

Too many beach pictures

I take entirely too many ocean/sky photos, but no matter how many I take, I still can't capture the ever-changing beauty. In addition to taking pictures, I just stare out at the horizon. Jeff is the same way. He didn't grow up going to the beach like we did, so he's still fascinated by it.

Now, Biscuit, he just wants to play. Ocean, no ocean. Sand, no sand. He just wants to have fun. He throws rocks and shells. He builds sandcastles and fills and dumps buckets of sand. He seems to enjoy how different an environment the beach is.

Here are a bunch of beach pictures:

Biscuit and I got up early to go out and play in the sand and build
sandcastles. It was a gray, gray morning as the rain moved in.

I think these photos are out of order, but no matter, a pretty view is a pretty view.
This was after the rain had moved on, and the skies were starting to clear up.

I love the way the sand and water play together, making their own art.

During the day, the sand is covered in footprints and
dog prints. But first thing in the morning, it's all bird tracks.

I couldn't believe how close to shore this dolphin was.
He was joined by several of his friends a little while later.
We had oceanfront rooms, so even when it
was raining, we could sit and stare at the ocean.

The sun is trying really hard to shine from behind those clouds.

The view down the beach.

Biscuit and Jeff tossing a football on the beach.

Yay! Sunshine!

My two favorite people!

I took a picture of this pretty shell then put it back
on the beach. Does that count as catch-and-release?

A sea urchin in the sand.

Biscuit got lost in thought while Jeff was waiting for the ball to be thrown back.

This little creek that runs into the ocean is a bird hangout. I don't know
if you can see it in the picture, but check out the horizon. Usually
a straight line, that day, it was very choppy and uneven. I would
not have enjoyed being on a boat out there that day!

The football was put away for a little frisbee time.

I still love looking for tiny shells. You can tell
how little they are in the palm of Jeff's hand.

Biscuit doesn't smile like this for photos very much these days. He thinks
his halfway-in front tooth looks weird, so I mostly get closed-mouth grins.

I wish I had a nickel for every rock and shell Biscuit threw back into the ocean.

I told him it was too cold to get wet. This little dance to
get away from the waves tells me he listened to me.

Biscuit is talking to the waves, telling them to stay where they are.

Creepy fog around the pier.

I know it doesn't look like it, but this is a sunrise. There was a line of clouds
along the horizon, so the sun's light didn't actually show until it rose above it.

The anatomy of a wave. A long line of water slowly building to a water wall.

The water wall starts to curl over at the top.

The wave starts to turn over on itself.

Then it crashes into the water in front of it.

Next thing you know, the water starts leveling
back out like the wave was never there.

This looks like some kind of optical illusion. There's no water, just sky.

I love how the water is so reflective. See the sky where the water meets the sand?

Look how many cool angles there are when you look down the beach.

Look how tall I am first thing in
the morning at the beach!!!

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