Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Frosty the Snow Lump

Despite the fact that the sleet came along and mushed down all our pretty, fluffy snow, we still ventured out to play.

Our first mission was to throw some snowballs, but the snow wouldn't stick together. You'd have to scoop up some snow and squeeze and squeeze and squeeze. It was like we were trying to make diamonds from coal! I guess with the combination of the pressure and the heat from our hands, we finally got a few of them to stay together.

But that didn't last long because we immediately pitched them at each other!

Did Biscuit get close enough before he threw it?!

Poor Dad!

Guess who this one hit? I'll give
you a hint. It wasn't Biscuit.

We don't really have many toys just for snow, so we usually just pull out Biscuit's sand toys. Buckets, shovels and sand castle molds work just fine in snow, too!

Then it was time for a snowman. Except with the condition of the snow, it ended up being a small snow lump. He did get stick arms and nandina berry eyes, nose and mouth, but he wasn't much to look at.

Frosty the Snow Lump

Biscuit was fascinated with the huge chunks of snow he could pick up. It was almost like we were breaking the snow when we walked instead of sinking down into it. 

Snow angel.

Jeff's snow castle looks like a sundae with a cherry on top.

The froggies can't see their checkers board.

Jeff looks kind of devious as he gets ready to reveal his castle.

Why are boys so destructive?!

It was a fun play day, but I'll be happy to see the green grass return for a while!

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