Saturday, January 30, 2016

Biscuit in pictures

Here are a few current but random pictures of Biscuit:

This is what Biscuit's hair looks like when Jeff wets and brushes it in the morning.

This is what it looks like about an hour after that! Also, check out
Biscuit's hoodie. One of my friends found it, I think, at a consignment
sale. Biscuit got a big kick out of his name being on a shirt.

We went out to dinner one night this week, and when we left the restaurant,
it was 28 degrees. Biscuit fastened every snap and velcro strip on his coat!

We were walking through a locally based gourmet grocery store, when
Biscuit spotted the containers of Parmesan. There were Parmesan chips,
shredded Parmesan and grated Parmesan. And then he realized that
the whole wheel was Parmesan. You can see his reaction!

On Biscuit's first field trip in kindergarten, he saw some kids with pre-packaged
store-bought lunches. They have several combinations including ham and cheese
with crackers or fixings for tiny pita pizzas. They also have upgraded ones with
cookies, juice pouches and other accessories. Biscuit really liked them, but I thought
they were kind of pricey. So I decided I could make them myself for a lot less
money. And Biscuit has been thrilled! The cupcake holders are silicone, so we can
use them over and over. It's nice when something so simple can make the boy so happy. 

As soon as we got home from Biscuit's swimming lessons, I made him get
straight into the shower. As soon as he stepped in yesterday, my brother called
me. I was getting ready to send him a text telling him to call back in a little
while, but then Biscuit started making faces at me. "Hey, make one for your uncle,"
I told him. And this is what he did. His uncle gave him quite a bit of grief about it.

Jeff had to cover a basketball game one night recently, so
Biscuit and I were on our own. I knew school was going to be
cancelled the next day because of snow, so I let him stay up as
late as he wanted. He played for a long time, then he came over
and asked to snuggle in my rocking chair. He's gotten so big
that it's hard for him to find a comfortable position on my lap, but
he figured it out and sat there long enough to fall asleep. It was
all I could do to stand up with him in my arms and get him onto
the couch. I put a blanket over him and left him there until
Jeff came home, then Jeff took him upstairs to his bed. But
Biscuit just looked SO tall laying there that I had to snap
a picture. I can't believe how fast my boy is growing!

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