Sunday, January 24, 2016

Making ice

Sometimes I forget that common everyday things are still exciting to Biscuit. He is fascinated by things that I've known for 40-something years. And I have to remind myself to be excited with him.

We were coming home from dinner one night a couple of weeks ago, and Jeff and I were talking about how cold it was.

"Man, it's cold!" I said.

"What's the temperature?" Jeff asked.

I looked at the instrument panel on my car and said, "It's officially freezing. It's 30 degrees."

"What is officially freezing?" Biscuit asked.

"Well," I said, "32 degrees is freezing, and 30 degrees is even colder than that. Water will freeze at 32 degrees. It will make ice."

Biscuit was completely intrigued.

"Hey, would you like to put some water in a bowl and leave it on the front porch overnight?" I asked him. "Then we can go out in the morning and see what happens."

"Yes, yes I would," Biscuit said in a typical Biscuit answer.

So we did exactly that.

We put some water in a little plastic bowl and left it on the front porch railing.

The next morning, imagine our surprise to find that the water had turned to ice!

"It's really cold!" Biscuit said.

I love that Biscuit is curious and interested in how things work. I hope Jeff and I can remember that.

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