Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Really high up

Here's where we stay at our usual beach.

And here's where we stayed at Myrtle Beach.

There's quite a difference between five floors with 10 rooms on each floor and three towers with 11 floors each and many, many rooms on each floor.

We were on the ninth floor in oceanfront rooms. And this was our view (to the right and to the left).

On the street side, this was our view.

See that white building with the curved driveways? That is where you check
into the hotel. No office lobby for this place. It gets its own check-in building!

The parking lot is the top level of a whole
parking garage. It stretches the length of the hotel.

One thing about being up really high is that you might have visitors on your balcony.

Clearly the fake owl isn't doing its job!

And they might leave you presents. Icky, nasty presents.

We didn't walk barefoot on the balcony, that's for sure!
Biscuit and I built sandcastles on the beach, and Jeff took pictures of us ... from way ... way ... up.

See us? We're the two little ants on the left!
The view at night was creepy on one side and pretty on the other.

The moon and stars were shrouded in clouds, and the fog was rising up from
the water. You couldn't really tell where the 
sky stopped and the water started.

Biscuit enjoyed the streetside view at night. Lots of pretty lights,
including purple uplights that glowed on the front of our hotel.

So it wasn't our typical beach trip, but it was fun spending a few days way up high in the sky.

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