Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Setting a spooky mood

We have some Halloween decorations inside and outside our house. Just a few spooky things to set the mood.

Outside, we have a hay bale with scarecrows on bamboo sticks stuck in it. We also have these cool lights that you put in your shrubs. They look like different shaped eyeballs blinking off and on.

We also have some foam jack-o-lanterns with lights inside. We light them up through Halloween, then just turn them around to look like regular pumpkins through Thanksgiving.

Inside, we have some pumpkin and ghost candle holders, jack-o-lantern baskets, leaf candle holders and other things.

And then we have a special personalized message from Biscuit.

Biscuit called me into the kitchen the other night and said, "Mom, I've finished my Halloween decoration. Come look."

He led me over to the trashcan and pointed down. He took magnet letters off the fridge and spelled out "Boo" and "Happe Halawen."

Here's hoping everyone has a safe and Happe Halawen!

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