Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Well that was fast

I've been very proud of how Biscuit has handled this whole surgery and recovery thing. He's been especially good, and for the most part, he's been very gentle. Every once in a while he forgets that there can't be any horseplay. But with a reminder, he backs off quickly.

He does lament not being able to sit in my lap. He doesn't do that much anymore, but every once in a while, he'll bring a book or a blanket and crawl into my chair with me. I really love it, but I can't make a fuss about it or it will remind him that he's getting to be a big boy, and he might not do it anymore.

Monday was my first day back to work, and it was exhausting!

I work at a desk with a computer, so you wouldn't think it wouldn't make me that tired, but by the time I picked up Biscuit, it was all I could do to get myself and Biscuit into the house.

Jeff had an evening assignment, so Biscuit and I were on our own. I put on some comfortable clothes and sat in my rocking chair, and Biscuit asked if he could watch a TV show. The show was about two brothers who teach kids about animals. I started watching the show with Biscuit. The brothers were talking about endangered species.

Then the next thing I knew, I heard Biscuit say, "Mom."

I jumped when I heard him and realized quickly that I had dozed off to sleep. It was just a little before 6 p.m.

"I'm sorry, baby," I said. "I'm just really tired today."

"Well I cleaned all my toys off the couch so you can take a nap," Biscuit said.

"That's very sweet," I said, "but I don't want to leave you by yourself."

"It's okay, Mom," Biscuit said. "If I need you, I'll wake you up."

And with that, I decided that I would take him up on his offer.

An hour later, I started waking up. I could tell right away that I was feeling better. I glanced over where Biscuit was playing, and he had created Lego replicas of a bunch of endangered species animals.

In a really quiet voice, Biscuit leaned down close to my face and said, "Mom, are you awake from your nap?"

"Yes, I am," I said. "And I feel better."

"Then can you make me some dinner?" Biscuit asked.

His sweet, thoughtful self took a hike at the first sign of hunger.

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