Sunday, February 22, 2015

The look

When Biscuit recently outgrew all his pants, his growth spurt also took out the dress pants he had. And guess how he was supposed to dress for his recital?

So we went and got him a nice pair of khaki pants. And just in case, I left the tags on them. Knowing how quickly he's been in and out of sizes lately, I waited until the very last possible moment before cutting the tags off and claiming them as his own.

When we got him dressed that afternoon, I couldn't get over how grown up he looked. I think it was the belt. That just completed the outfit to make him look like a big guy.

I look at him in his recital outfit, and I think about other times he got dressed up.

I can't believe how big he is now.

And remember when I was talking about when Biscuit finished his songs at the recital, and he turned and gave me that look and grin? Well, I did a screen grab on the video and captured it. It's not a great, clear photo, but you can see the attitude in his eyes!

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