Thursday, February 26, 2015

Snow days

We've had three snows in two weeks, which is quite unusual for us.

Although, I'm not sure you can call the first two "real" snows. They were more ice than snow. Biscuit and Jeff still went out to play.

Biscuit is bundled up and ready to go out to play in the "snow."

When Biscuit found out that the groundhog saw his shadow, he was thrilled.

"Do you know what that means, Mom?" he asked. "That means that there's still time for snow!"

But the icy snow was so frozen, Biscuit couldn't scoop it up to make a snowman. So Jeff, not wanting his boy to be disappointed, shoveled the back sidewalk, throwing shovels full of snow into a pile that ended up being Biscuit's first snowman of the year.

This is Fire Chief Johnny the Snowman.

He has nandina berries for his features.

I think the boy has seen Frosty one too many times because he basically resurrected his snowman from last year. He even named him the same thing - Fire Chief Johnny the Snowman.

The hardest thing for Jeff and me is that school let out early last Monday and was closed four days last week. It might sound crazy for just that little bit of icy snow, but our city doesn't have much snow removal equipment, and also, people around here drive in this stuff maybe once or twice a year, so it's just scary and dangerous.

Some of my Northern co-workers have made comments about how crazy it is for the schools to close. And my response to them is, "Would you put your kid on a bus knowing that the bus driver might have little to no experience driving under such conditions?" Not to mention that a good part of our county contains secondary roads that don't get scraped at all.

But luckily, Jeff and I both have jobs we can do mostly from home. And both our bosses are parents, too, so they get it.

And that came in handy today because when we got up this morning, we had 5 inches of snow on the ground. Light, fluffy pretty snow. 

So school was canceled today and tomorrow, and Biscuit couldn't be happier. He said, "Mom, I LOVE school, but I also LOVE snow. So I think it's okay that I get to stay home and play today."

Jeff and I both worked today, but we did take a little break for some playtime. Well, to be perfectly honest, Jeff and Biscuit went out to play, and I stood at the back door and took pictures. And I was just fine with that!

Here are some pictures:

It looks like our deck chairs have white cushions.

I love how the snow stacks up even on the skinny branches.

Sand castle molds aren't just for sand castles.
Jeff and Griffin built themselves a kingdom's worth.

I love this picture of Biscuit. He was having such fun.

Biscuit's mittens are too little, but he's in
between toddler gloves and big-boy gloves.

Hmmm. To throw, or not to throw. That is the question.

This little bird was just chirping away in a big bush in the backyard.

Biscuit took his shovel and piled snow on his slide. Then of
course, he slid down, pushing all the snow to the bottom.

And I enjoyed the snow from my nice, warm living room!

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