Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy New Year ... Chinese style

Last week, we were having dinner at our favorite Asian restaurant, and the owner's son came over to tell us that they were planning a Chinese New Year's celebration for tonight.

"Hey, you guys need to come back next Thursday for Chinese New Year's," the guy said.

"Will you have a goat?" Biscuit asked.

Jeff and I looked at each other with confusion.

"Why would they have a goat?" I asked.

"Because it's the year of the goat," Biscuit said, matter-of-factly. And the owner's son nodded his head.

He told us more about the food and festivities. It's funny because when I say Asian restaurant, I mean it. They serve Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese ... just a little bit of all the Asian cuisines.

But the Chinese New Year's event sounded fun, so as we were leaving last week, we made a reservation for tonight.

The restaurant is pretty all the time, but for the celebration, they had added red lanterns with gold tassels from the overhead lights. They had some menu specials. And the place was packed!

About halfway through our meal, we heard drums starting to play. Then, through the front door of the restaurant, came a big, colorful creature. It was dancing up and down and wiggling around the front of the restaurant.

It looked like a half-dragon and half-lion, so Biscuit decided we would call it a "drion."

It came dancing right to our table and tried to swallow Jeff's head! Biscuit was half scared and half thrilled.

The "drion" made its way around the restaurant three times, and Biscuit couldn't keep his eyes off it.

Here are some pictures:

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