Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Wrapping up Christmas

I realize we're already six days into January, but we were traveling so much right around the holidays, I didn't get to share many pictures.

So, here are a few more:

I made a photo blanket for Biscuit. Now, when he wants
to use his blanket, he says, "Let's cover Griffin with Griffin."

Biscuit points out one of his favorite pictures on the blanket.

Biscuit was big into "helping" other people open presents this year.
That translated to him opening other people's gifts for them!

Look how Christmas-y we look. And we didn't even plan it!

Biscuit pretends to take a bite out of the front wall
of the gingerbread house he built with his cousins.

The finished gingerbread house.

Jeff tries on a mask Biscuit got for Christmas.
The superhero who wears this mask has blades
that come out of his hands. So Jeff went around growling
saying, "I'm Santa Claws. Get it?" He's very special!

I wish Biscuit had been smiling.
But he had his mouth full of cookie.

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