Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas decorations

Biscuit's kindergarten class had a Winter Celebration (because they can't say Christmas party anymore) back in mid-December.

For a couple of hours one afternoon, the kids would get special snacks and get to make several holiday crafts and ornaments.

I have to admit that it was quite a pain on the parents' part because we had to send in specific-sized cans and a white or clear gallon jug. Well, the cans were those big 32-ounce ones that we don't ever buy. I don't use a lot of cans, anyway, and even when I do,to they're usually 14 ounces at the most. We also don't use gallon jugs of anything. Biscuit drinks apple juice, but Jeff and I don't, so I buy it in small jugs. And half-gallon containers of milk are perfect for us.

Finally, the night before the deadline to have the cans and jugs in to school, I sent Jeff to the grocery store.

"Buy some cans in this size," I said, handing him a list. "I don't care what's in the cans. I just want to get this over with."

So Jeff brought back tomato sauce. Fine by me! 

A friend at work brought in some gallon jugs, and we were done!

The ornaments the kids made were really cute, and I guess it was worth the trouble!

Here are pictures of Biscuit's creations:

This one is a gingerbread man upside down.

This one is a paint stir stick.

This one was hard to take a picture of because everything
reflects in it. It's a plastic silver ball with snow painted all
over the bottom and snowmen painted around the sides.

The teacher and some parent volunteers painted the cans then glued them
together. The scarf around his neck is wired ribbon, so it will hold its shape. His
hat is a kids'-size sock with a red pom-pom on the end. The face is painted on.
They painted the cans then glued them together. Then they
glued a star on top and added pom-poms for ornaments.

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