Thursday, December 18, 2014

I'm thankful for ...

I know it's almost Christmas, and I'm backtracking, but I forgot to share about our thankful chain.

Toward the end of October, I started thinking that we should do some kind of project during November to help Biscuit learn about gratefulness. I remembered that when we were kids, we made thankful chains. 

We cut strips of construction paper, then on each evening in November, we took one strip and wrote down something we were thankful for. And that sounded easy and doable to me.

So I cut strips in yellow, orange, brown and green, and on November 1, we started.

The first night, Biscuit said, "Thank you for Mom and Dad." 

From there, he said thank you for firefighters to keep us safe and doctors so we don't have to sit around sick all the time and God for making everything and food so we won't be hungry. Twenty-seven strips each.

Here are some pictures of our "thank you for" chain:

We needed a place to hang it so it wouldn't be out of the way, and
the curtain rod in the living room seemed like a perfect spot.

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