Monday, December 15, 2014

A visit with Santa

We made our annual trek to see Santa, and it got me thinking about all the Christmases Biscuit has had so far.

Check him out: 

2010: Biscuit didn't look too sure about this Santa man.
Biscuit was excited. He was starting
to understand the hubbub.

Santa asked Biscuit what he wanted, and Biscuit
put his finger up and said, "Hmmm ..."

Poor bloody Biscuit. The lady taking the picture said,
"Do you want to dab the blood off his face before I take
the picture?" I bet she doesn't get to say that very often.
This year, our hippy boy desperately needed a
And look how tall Biscuit has gotten. 

We carried on our annual tradition this year of taking Biscuit to see Santa while my parents were here the Friday after Thanksgiving. He only asked for two things, and I could hear Santa trying to pry more out of him.

"Do you like cars and trucks?" Santa asked.

"Yes, sir," Biscuit said.

"Well, do you like baseball or football?" Santa asked.

"I like baseball," Biscuit said.

Finally, they just took the picture, and we moved on. Unlike last year, I wasn't surprised by either of the things Biscuit asked for.

But I'm glad we went when we did. I told one of the photo ladies that Biscuit has been to see this Santa every year. And she said, "Well, I'm glad you came today because he's going out on medical leave after his shift today."

And if you compare this year's picture with previous year's, you can almost tell that Santa isn't feeling great. Poor guy. Hope he's doing okay.

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