Monday, December 29, 2014

A little Christmas music

Our house was plagued with illness for most of December, so we haven't gotten to partake of our usual holiday events. But we added a new one this year that made up for the ones we missed.

Biscuit had a solo piano recital on Dec. 22. He played six songs by himself. Then he played a couple on his teacher's pipe organ. Then he and his teacher played a couple of duets.

Biscuit and I talked about how recitals work. He'll have a group recital in January, so this solo recital was good practice for him. I told him he should walk up to the piano, climb up on the stool, put his hands in his lap, then count to 10. I explained that counting would just give him a minute to get settled before he started to play.

And bless his heart, he moved his lips as he counted!

We had another laugh before Biscuit started playing, too.

Biscuit and I discussed which songs he wanted to play, and he decided that when he played "Away in a Manger," he wanted to sing, too.

"If you want to sing and play at the same time, why don't you save that song 'til last," I told Biscuit. "That can be your big finish."

"Yeah," Biscuit said. "And you know I like a big ending, Mom."

The teacher printed a little program with a song list. When I sent the song list to him, Biscuit and I hadn't had our talk about saving "Away in a Manger" until last. So it was listed in the middle.

The teacher propped the program up on the piano and said to Biscuit, "Is this order okay?"

"Actually, I'd like to move this one down to here," Biscuit said, pointing to "Away in a Manger."

I joked about it sounding "diva-ish" move on Biscuit's part. I told Jeff later, "Next thing you know, he'll be wanting us to pick out all the brown M&Ms!"

I was very nervous before the recital. I just wanted Biscuit to do well and enjoy himself.

As for Biscuit, he couldn't have been calmer.

He made a couple of mistakes, but they didn't seem to faze him. He stopped, looked at the music, went back a few notes and picked right back up. I was very proud of him.

And of course I recorded it ... Don't worry. The songs are actually really short.

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Jenrobburton said...

Tell Biscuit I said great job! I love how he crosses his little feet. So cute.