Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Here's lookin' at you kid

Here are a few recent random photos:

Biscuit gets a new pair of holiday pajamas each year,
and when I saw these, I could not resist. And Biscuit
went right along with it by getting full into character.
He got the hat when he went to see Santa Claus.

Look at that cute little elf!

I wanted a new wreath this year. Something
simpler than we've had in years past. So I stole
this idea from a picture I saw online. I bought
the M and painted it red. Then I bought the bow. It
was so easy to make! And those are the best projects.

My Mama bought Biscuit this paper folding project for a dollar.
The folding and gluing was a little advance for him, but he
had no problem telling me exactly where he wanted everyone!

I was home sick Monday and Tuesday, and I could tell that Biscuit was worried.
I usually keep the pre-cut refrigerated cookies in the fridge during the holidays.
That boy loves to "make" cookies, which essentially means adding sprinkles.
So I wanted to have something fun for Biscuit when he got home from school.

The green-eyed one is Jeff. The blue-eyed one on the left is me,
and the blue-eyed one on the right is Biscuit. But according to
Biscuit, we changed our name to Donner, Dasher and Dancer.

Watch out! It's Spider-Man-Mouse! Biscuit got these cool ears
from as sort of a late birthday present, and we've all had a
good time with them. Biscuit doesn't like it when he comes in the
room and Jeff and I are doing something silly with them. Although
it's perfectly fine for him to pitch the hat part all the way
forward so he looks like Spider-Man. Double-standard!

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