Sunday, October 9, 2016

The looks

Tomorrow is Jeff's birthday, so we took him out for a nice dinner tonight. 

We were sitting at the table, playing some of the games in the coloring book they gave Biscuit. One of the games was called Tricky Truths. You had to share two things that were true and one that was false, and the other two were supposed to try and guess which one was made up.

Jeff and I knew the answers to every one about each other, and we both thought it was kind of funny that Biscuit thought he could come up with facts we didn't know about him. But of course we played along.

Something came up about Biscuit getting in trouble, and what happened next caught me off guard.

"Well, Mom," Biscuit said, "you have these looks."

"What kind of looks?" I asked him.

"Well, this one is for when I'm in trouble," Biscuit said. He said I raise my eyebrows and look at him. And he knows that I've had enough.

"And this one means that I'm gonna get it!" Biscuit said. He said I look at him over my glasses and stare at him really hard. And that, apparently, means that he's in really big trouble.

I knew that I had certain looks that I gave him, but I didn't know he had seen them enough to be able to mimic them!

But I guess that means I've perfected them to the point that when I throw him one of those looks, he better walk a tight line!

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