Sunday, September 18, 2016

Biscuit on wheels

We went to a birthday party for one of Biscuit's friends this weekend. It was at a roller rink, and Biscuit has never been skating before.

He asked if we could go to the rink before the party so he could get some practice in, but our week was so busy, we just didn't have time to get over there.

First of all, the birthday party was for a girl. And that meant I got to wrap a present in pretty pink cupcake paper with a big, fluffy white bow. She and Biscuit got to be friends in kindergarten. They were in the same reading class last year. They haven't assigned reading classes this year yet, so I'm not sure if they'll be together or not. But they see each other at recess.

We got to the rink and went over to get Biscuit's skates. They have him florescent orange skates, so I told him at least we wouldn't lose him in the crowd.

We got him all laced up, and I wish I had a picture of Biscuit's face when he first stood up on them!

Biscuit did well on the carpet. But once he hit the rink floor, he was quickly on his butt.

He never made it around the rink without holding on to me, Jeff or the wall, but he enjoyed it enough to ask if we could come back sometime so he could try again.

The birthday girl's mom said she was really glad Biscuit got to attend the party. Biscuit was only one of two boys who were there. She waited until the kids were around and told me that her daughter and one of the other little girls had told her they thought Biscuit is, and I quote, "dreamy!" I couldn't help but laugh because the girls are so in tune to stuff like so early, and the boys, definitely including Biscuit, are clueless.

I got a good laugh later that evening when Jeff pulled me aside and said, "A little girl's mom at the party told me that a couple of the girls are saying that Biscuit is 'dreamy.'"

He asked why I was laughing, and I said, "Well, the birthday girl's mom told me the same thing."

So we'll have to take our dreamy boy back out soon for some more skating practice.

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