Wednesday, August 31, 2016

It's a new world

Biscuit tied his shoes for the first time this evening. And as much as I hate to admit this, teaching him to tie his shoes wasn't even on my radar.

All but a few pairs of his shoes (mainly baseball and soccer) have closed with velcro, so there was no need for him to know.

I learned to tie my shoes when I was 5. My cousin taught me at my Granny's house, and once I had mastered it, he gave me a Kennedy half-dollar. I was so proud of myself.

And when the boy tied his soccer cleats before practice, he was proud of himself, too.

I had a couple of errands to run after work, so I met Jeff and Biscuit at practice. As I was driving home by myself, I started thinking about how things were when I was Biscuit's age.

We had chalkboards in school, and every Friday, the teacher would pick two of us to go outside to the end of the school building and beat the erasers on the red brick walls of the school. Now, they have whiteboards with dry erase markers. The kids have little individual ones, too.

We only had analog clocks. You know, big hands and little hands. Now, the time is displayed on digital clocks, or at Biscuit's school, on the TV screens.

Our announcements were done over an intercom. The announcements at Biscuit's schools are done on TV - the same ones that display the school's logo and the time all day.

By the time I was Biscuit's age, we were starting to learn to write in cursive. They don't even teach it anymore. Biscuit asked if he could learn, and I had to order him a workbook so he could practice on it at home.

But I think the task I tackled this morning was the craziest.

I had to download an app on my smartphone that connects me to his teacher and class information. I can see announcements, photos and videos the teacher takes in class, a daily progress report about Biscuit and upcoming events. I can also send a message to the teacher, and she can respond.

I love having that much access to information, but I kinda feel bad for the teachers because they're more "reachable" than ever. Jeff and I aren't really hovering parents, but I've already met several parents at Biscuit's school who are. I can just imagine them messaging that teacher several times a day!

Now that I think about it, this app is an update even from first grade. Last year, we had to email the teacher, and Biscuit got a color each day for his behavior. How antiquated!

I'm guessing by the time Biscuit gets to middle school, Jeff and I will have to hire some young whippersnappers to help us with the technology!

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