Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Biscuit - Day 2

I turned 48 this summer, and my dear sweet brother decided to treat me like I had turned 87 instead. He sent me text messages about every hour that day wishing me a happy birthday.

I finally texted him back and asked why he was sending the message so many times.

He said, "Well, you're getting kinda old. So I figured I better keep sending it over and over in case you forgot that I had said it."

And let me interrupt my story by sharing that this is the same guy who got ahold of my cellphone on our family trip to the mountains in June and took 84! EIGHTY-FOUR pictures of himself!

I haven't thought of anything devious enough to get him back yet, but I made a start this morning.

I took the slate Biscuit held yesterday that said, "First day of 2nd grade," and changed it to "Second day of 2nd grade" and texted the photo to my brother.

It's a small drop in the payback bucket, but Biscuit and I certainly did enjoy laughing deviously together this morning as we took the photos.

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