Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sickness ... again!

Well, illness has brought our house down once again!

I swear, our boy chooses the most inopportune times to get sick. And much less, he shares it with the rest of us. Luckily, this one hasn't hit Jeff, and fingers crossed, it won't.

It's the weirdest thing because this seems to be the same pattern as last year. The first quarter was perfect attendance, then he started to pick up every germ and bug that passes through.

Biscuit got to his piano lesson Monday evening, and less than halfway through, his teacher stopped and asked, "Are you feeling okay today?"

Biscuit confessed that he wasn't feeling well, and by the time we got him home, his temperature was 102.5. So he missed school Tuesday and Wednesday. I hate that he misses school, but he's not supposed to be there within 24 hours of having a fever.

"Mom, you know what I hate most about being sick?" Biscuit asked.

"What's that?" I asked him.

It's definitely missing school," he said. "I REALLY hate missing school."

His fever finally went away, and he was able to go back to school today. And he was a little too excited about being back.

When he got home, I asked him what color he got on the behavior chart today.

"Well, Mom," Biscuit said, shifting his weight and not looking me in the eye. "I had a bit of a ... umm ... well ... a complication today, and I got yellow."

That's one step down from where they start each day. The category is called, "Think about it."

"What happened?" I asked.

"Well, Natalia ..." Biscuit started.

"Nope. Stop right there," I said. "I don't want to hear about the other kids. I want to hear only about you."

"But Mom," Biscuit continued. "Kiernan was ..."

"No," I said. "Tell me what YOU did."

"Well," Biscuit said, "I was playing in the centers, and everybody was misbehaving. And I was going back and forth between two centers because I didn't hear the teacher say we had to choose one and stay there."

It wasn't a big deal at all, but his hemming and hawing and trying to blame everybody else irritated me.

"Listen," I told him. "What you did to get clipped down was not that big a deal. But you not coming straight out and telling me makes me upset. You need to be straight up with me."

"I'm sorry, Mom," he said. "Next time, I'll tell you as soon as you ask me."

So he says. I guess we'll see.


So I just read this post to Jeff, and he said, "Now wait a minute. That's not what he told me."

"You got a different story?" I asked.

Jeff said yes, and that here's how the conversation went: 

"I was copying other kids," Biscuit said. 

"Were you copying someone else's work?" Jeff asked.

"No!" Biscuit said. "I would never copy anyone else's work."

"Then what do you mean?" Jeff asked.

"Well, I was copying other kids' behaviors," Biscuit said. "And that's something I need to work on, not being influenced."

Jeff said to me, "You could just hear his teacher's words through him."

Well, his teacher does have a point. And I hope Biscuit learns it!

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