Monday, December 21, 2015

Another science project

Since Biscuit was so excited about the science project his class did at school, I thought it would be fun to do another project at home.

And since wintertime is upon us, we decided to make snowflakes.

First we made pipe cleaner snowflake shapes.

Then we tied the snowflake shapes to pencils and suspended them in glass containers.

Then we boiled water and added borax and food coloring and poured it into the containers.

Then we let them sit overnight. They started to firm up around the edges. As the jars sat, the liquid turned into a jelly-like consistency.

We let them sit overnight, then pulled them out of the goo. We had crystallized snowflakes.

Biscuit was a little disappointed because he chose red food coloring, but the snowflakes came out pink. But he still thought they were cool enough to tell his doctor at his checkup appointment Friday morning.

I really enjoyed seeing Biscuit get excited about how the process worked, and if I tell the truth, I enjoyed seeing how it worked, too.

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