Sunday, December 13, 2015

Growing up

Despite me telling him not to, Biscuit just keeps growing!

He's learned so much since he started school. I was impressed with his progress in kindergarten, and that barely touched what he's doing in first grade.

But lately, his physical growth has been the most noticeable thing.

It's little things ... like when you see him sitting at the dining room table and realize that his legs don't stick straight out on the chair anymore. Or when he's standing right beside you, and you try to put your hand on his head, and you have to reach a lot higher than you used to ... or smack him in the forehead (yep, it's happened!).

I think I mentioned earlier that when it got to be long-pants weather, we started trying on his clothes and had to clean out his entire dresser. And most of it was because his legs and arms got longer.

So when we started replacing his pants, I realized that they wouldn't fit well in his drawer anymore. If you fold them in half, they're too long from front to back to fit. And if you turn them sideways, you can only get a few pairs in there.

So we swapped some of his clothes from the dresser to his closet. And boy do they look like big-boy clothes in there.

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