Thursday, November 5, 2015

Cowboy tunes

When I was quite pregnant with Biscuit, my family went on a trip to the mountains so we could take my nieces and nephew to a small theme park that has a train with a steam-powered locomotive.

While we were there, we saw that as part of our admission, we could see a concert by Riders in the Sky, a quartet that sings cowboy music - not country music, but true Roger Rogers-type cowboy music.

Their motto is that they do everything ... The Cowboy Way. Then they strike this pose.

We found out a few weeks ago that the group was coming to a local theater to perform.

Jeff said, "Hey, didn't Biscuit like those guys?"

"Well, it felt like it," I told him.

He gave me an odd look and said, "What do you mean?"

"The last time we saw them, I was pregnant," I told him. "But when their music started, he started flipping and flopping in my belly."

We had a laugh about that then decided that we thought Biscuit would enjoy seeing them.

Biscuit asked me a month or so ago about me being pregnant. I told him what I thought was appropriate for his age. And since then, I've been able to share fun things with him, like telling him that when we heard the cowboy group for the first time, he seemed to enjoy it and started rolling around in there. He thought that was pretty funny.

And he enjoyed the show this time, too.

They're the group that play "Woody's Round Up" for the "Toy Story" movie, so they have a Woody doll right in the front. They have a fun stage with wooden fences, cacti and other props.

They guy who plays a big ol' stand-up bass wears a tie that looks like a cactus, in other words, a cact-tie.

The also have a fake camp fire right in the middle of the stage. See it? They light it up at the beginning of the show and stand around like they're getting warm. And you know they're done playing when they put out the fire.

After the show, we got Biscuit a CD, and he waited in line to have it autographed. And I can tell you that I've had to listen to way more cowboy music since then that I ever cared to hear!

The things we do for our kids!

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